Tie your hair for BJJ!

Got some long hair? If you do or don’t I bet you want them to look nice and healthy every day. What you can do to keep them that way is always making sure that you tie them strong and well.

Hair + sweat = NO GOOD

Hair doesn’t like sweat. Sweat destroys your hair, and as a BJJ Lady you want your hair to stay pretty. So remember to always have 5-10 minutes before the class to make sure that they are not like a mop cleaning all the sweat from the mats.

Have you seen those cheap mops that look like a bunch of short ropes? You know why they are cheap? Because they don’t clean well ( and i belive are much cheaper to make). If you already know that rope mops don’t clean to well , then I bet you know that you don’t want to have a ponny tail at your jiu-jitsu practice.

In the video below I am showing how I tie my hair for training. I truly recommend that hairstyle, my hair don’t come to my face and most of the times i really don’t have to fix anything while training. Check it out and try it!

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