DIY wearable IBJJF t-shirt

I am so sorry I didn’t post anythnig for so long. I was so busy training and competing that I couldn’t find time and power to get anything ready for you.

I bet that you have at least one men’s t-shirt and it is not your size. Everytime I am going to pick that free IBJJF t-shirt they don’t have the size I want and they ask me if i want the biggest they have so I can sleep in it. How many sleeping t-shirts a girl needs???? I got PJ’s and that’s enough for me. If they give me a t-shirt, I want to be able to wear it.

Before I figured out how to make those t-shirts wearable, I was wearing them only for my crossfit workouts. I am doing the same now, but I am feeling a lot better wearing something that looks pretty nice than something that doesn’t look at all.

I don’t know why they can’t make some female t-shirts as well for the competition? US Grappling does, so what is the problem…?? Anyways, IBJJF probably will never make female t-shirts so check out my video, take a pair of scissors and make yourself a wearable IBJJF t-shirt!

I really , really love them and I wish I didn’t left so many IBJJF t-shirts in Poland so I could cut them out!

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