I wanted to write about it for a while now. But somehow, I couldn’t find the right words. I have just competed at my first ever World Championship as a Black Belt, and my mind won’t stop. So many things to share, so many ideas to turn into reality… But […]


Sometimes people with lower belts ask me : What you think I should be doing / working on to make my jiu-jitsu better? I am going to answer this question now. There is no perfect answer, especially if I just rolled with you for the first time. You know what […]

” How to make my jiu-jitsu better? “

If your belt is coming undone very often while u r training, this should help u. I’ve learned to tie my belt this way when i was 13 y/o and i have been tieing it this way ever since. It looks good and it doesn’t interrupt your training!

How to tie your belt?

Hi! I am so sorry I didn’t post anythnig for so long. I was so busy training and competing that I couldn’t find time and power to get anything ready for you. I bet that you have at least one men’s t-shirt and it is not your size. Everytime I […]

DIY wearable IBJJF t-shirt

Check out the video from my first ever no-gi seminar! Thanks to all the girls who came and made it an amazing new experience to me. Thanks to Jay Garcia who came to film us and took some pictures as well. More photos comming soon.   If after watching the […]

My first ever No-Gi BJJ seminar

As I previously promised I am going to tell you the secret of having a stink-free gi without need of buying new one when the old one had already too much contact with sweat! What’s more in this short article you will find a way of keeping your gi color […]

BJJ gear care

I know you might think that who the hell am I that I let myself write about it… But I think it is kind of important to tell the others what I already know ( but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t never wrong before). You may be thinking that […]

How to be a lady in BJJ …