Before I didn’t know if it was me or if training with bare feet was making mine very rough. Now I know is a little bit of both. I don’t know how you feel about giving yourself a pedicure or paying for have it done, but I am too lazy […]

A way to get “baby feet”!

Hi! I am so sorry I didn’t post anythnig for so long. I was so busy training and competing that I couldn’t find time and power to get anything ready for you. I bet that you have at least one men’s t-shirt and it is not your size. Everytime I […]

DIY wearable IBJJF t-shirt

Got some long hair? If you do or don’t I bet you want them to look nice and healthy every day. What you can do to keep them that way is always making sure that you tie them strong and well. Hair + sweat = NO GOOD Hair doesn’t like […]

Tie your hair for BJJ!