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As I previously promised I am going to tell you the secret of having a stink-free gi without need of buying new one when the old one had already too much contact with sweat! What’s more in this short article you will find a way of keeping your gi color looking like new forever.

“Why my clean gi/ rashguard stinks?”

Your clean starts to stink just after breaking a sweat? Your rashguard stinks even after taking it straight out from washing machine? You think something is wrong, right? Nothing is wrong. It is normal. Of course it is not you, it is the mixture of sweats from you and the people you are training with. I bet that you don’t have that problem with your lifting/running clothing. The thing is the regular washing detergents don’t really fight urea and decaying remnants of bacteria that live on your skin. Those remains cause the stink. Let’s talk about fighting them.

The Powerful Vinegar

If your gi stinks really bad , I would recommend leaving your gi in a bathtub/ large sink overnight in a mixture of water ( just enough to cover your gi) and about 1 liter (33.8 fl oz) of vinegar. The next day just wash it as you were doing before. If you already know that it is possible that your gi can get to that stinky stage, I would recommend adding a cup of vinegar to every washing. Don’t worry it won’t have vinegary smell. If it is your old favorite rashguard just do the same thing, but for the soaking use about a cup of vinegar.
Got a new black/blue/pink/green gi? Want the color not to fade? Before your first use, soak it for an hour or two in a mixture of water and vinegar which I mentioned before and add a cup every 3rd wash. Vinegar locks the colors in the fabrics and that will help you enjoying your gi’s color for longer.
Got those ugly yellow armpit stains? Just spray them with vinegar before washing!
How to dry your gear
I honestly don’t recommend using a dry machine on regular basics. But if you really need to make sure you set it up on medium. If your gi fits perfect and you really like it, don’t put it in dry machine – there is a big possibility that it will shrink. Another thing that can happen is that the collar of your gi will get all contracted and your gi won’t fit well or nice anymore. Try not to put your rashguards and leggings on a high heat, with time of drying it will get really damaged structure.

Dos and don’ts

– Do wash your gi and rashguard after every class, don’t use it twice or more
– Do use color protection detergents
 Do remember about vinegar ( at least from time to time)
– Do hang dry your gi ( if it already fits you perfect, you don’t want it to shrink)
– Do wash your bag/ bagpack from time to time too
 Don’t use any bleachers ( they cause fabrics damage , your gi can get ripped a lot faster)
– Don’t use baking soda on your color gis
– Don’t dry your color gear on the sun – sun will make the colors fade
– Don’t dry any of your elastic clothes on the sun if you don’t want them to lose their elasticity and getting see-through ( if you don’t believe check out your old bikini)
– Don’t you ever forget to take your gi out of your bag just after you get home

I hope that I have helped you a little bit with this article. Don’t forget vinegar when you will be grocery shopping next time.
What are You doing to keep your gi smell like flowers??


Let’s say you punched someone in the nose or someone else schratched your training partner and your beautiful white gi has some blood marks. What to do? Bleach? NO! Just give it some ice cold bath, and wash it later as always, that should do the thing!

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