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Got some long hair? If you do or don’t I bet you want them to look nice and healthy every day. What you can do to keep them that way is always making sure that you tie them strong and well. Hair + sweat = NO GOOD Hair doesn’t like […]

Tie your hair for BJJ!

As I previously promised I am going to tell you the secret of having a stink-free gi without need of buying new one when the old one had already too much contact with sweat! What’s more in this short article you will find a way of keeping your gi color […]

BJJ gear care

I know you might think that who the hell am I that I let myself write about it… But I think it is kind of important to tell the others what I already know ( but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t never wrong before). You may be thinking that […]

How to be a lady in BJJ …

  Hi everyone ! My name is Marysia Małyjasiak and I am the owner of this blog. I’ve been training BJJ for 4 years now, but I am into grappling already for over 12 years. The purpose of this blog is to share important details that can help other women […]

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